If it’s dirty work someone must change it.

Today more than ever industry and respect for the environment mustn’t be opposing concepts.
Leghe Leggere Lavorate fights pollution thanks to a rational approach about the principal problems which are intrinsic to mechanical production processes: the use of energy, the disposal of waste metal and the treatment of oil.

Thanks to sun shining on the roofs of our company, the PV system installed allows us to use clean energy to 120 kW.
Waste material or swarf, which comes from turning parts from primary meterials is cared for in a way which is almost better than how our primary materials are looked after. Swarf is 100%recycled, washed and spun with a New ECO closed circuit washing system DM Multisolvent 200, our swarf is good enough to be sold!

The correct treatment of oil isn’t a problem that can be undervalued. All our machines have electrostaticextractor fans which separate the oil that has been nebulised into the air. The result? The working environment is salubrious natural and healthy. Special covers stop clean clothes from coming into contact with machines, and this stops employees inadvertently taking oil outside of the company. Cleaning material used in the factory is first spun and then treated by a specialist oil residue removal company.

Hygiene is pole position: Leghe Leggere Lavorate doesn’t look like a traditional machine room. Order, cleanliness and low noise levels characterize a working environment which is productive because it’s livable in. The floor is cleaned regularly and water used for cleaning is treated by a specialist company.
A company that invested in its future by introducing technology in the past cannot look upon the saying of our parents“reuse all that which is reusable as a fallacy from the past but as a common sense view for the future.