Do you only work with aluminum alloys?
Our name might mislead you, but we work with every material ferrous or non-ferrous which can be turned. We are however specialists in working with “tenacious” or  ”obstinate” materials.

Are you experienced in working with titanium and to what level?
We have years of experience in dealing with this metal (at every grade). We started producing components for the medical industry about 15 years ago. This has given us a know how in working with titanium that few other companies possess.

What diameters can you work with?
We work with bars with a minimum diameter of 1mm to a maximum of 25,4mm. We can also work to a diameter of 42 mm but only on 2 work centres that we use for the production of technologically complex parts.
We  also work with hexagonal and square bar of dimensions within those written above.

What type of machines do you use?
80% percent of our machine park is made up of sliding head CNC machines.  The rest are fixed spindle CNCs.

Are you capable of doing short medium or long production runs?
We find it hard to guess what our clients feel to be short medium or long production runs. So we evaluate each production run individually and programme accordingly.

Is it possible to do test parts?
For us producing samples of particulars is integrated in the order. We provide an agreed number of parts for checking on various mechanical testing machines. After this the production of all the parts takes place.

Do you do intermittent part checking?
Our quality control is the key to the company because we have invested much in the quality of the final product. Checks are carried out in line with ISO standards, on sample parts. If required other more systematic checking  methods can be provided. We can also provide 100% checking  as we do for the medical sector.

What equipment is used for checking parts?
Instruments vary from calipers, micrometers and swabs etc. to more sophisticated metrology tools, optical digital equipment, a machine which allows three dimensional numeric control (DEA). All the information gathered when checking, be it manual or automatic, is logged on our data base, therefore being available for statistical analysis of the production process (CP, CPK, Gaussian, etc.).

Is all the production process carried out internally?
For our medical division our preferred choice is to realize all if the production process (from bar to packaging) internally. For the industrial division we use outside companies for some superficial finishings and thermal processes. These contractors have the relevant quality control certificates for the work which they carry out.

Can you provide consultancy services in the planning process?
Out technical office and our technical agents are available for any advice.