Who we are

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Our story begins in 1951, and it’s still early to talk about sixty-five years of passion.

A company like ours, which originally was dedicated to working miniature metal parts, decided to launch itself into the evolutionary currents of precision engineering, specializing in the production of turned parts of high technological content.

We can’t imagine where we will be after another sixty years, but one thing is certain: we love the story; writing about it is our passion.





2017 Star CNC Mod SR-20R IV Type B
2017 Star CNC Mod SR-20R IV Type A
2017 Star CNC Mod SR-20R IV Type B
2017 Kardex Remstar Shuttle XP 250/500, an automated high bay warehousing system
2016 New Eco closed circuit Washing System DM Multisolvent 200
2016 A higher quality control with Jenoptik Opticline C305
2016 First Citizen L20-XII with b axis 8 rotary tools
2015 Added the third clean room for packaging medical devices (actual area 200 sqm)
2015 An high capacity benchtop multisensor measurement system, SmartScope Flash CNC 300
2015 Milling center (double-spindle) Hanwha
2014 Control system 3D multi sensor combined optical and laser, controlled atmosphere resolution 1 micron
2013 5 axis milling center with automatic loader (Robot)
2013 Photovoltaic system for domestic consumption (120 Kw)
2012 The first interactive remote access quality control management system in Italy.
2011 The first 3 dual spindle gamma lathes in Italy.
2010 The first 6 dual spindle delta lathes in Italy.
2009 The first DEA Global Performance 5 axis controlled atmosphere measuring equipment in Italy.
2008 The first twin spindle 3 axis, 3 turret turning centre in Italy
2007 Our first titanium polishing and opaque anodizing plant allowing electro polishing and passivation.
2006 cleaning room class ISO 5.
2005 The first dynamic optical scanning system for checking parts.
2004 The first integrated cad cam milling and turning machine in Italy.
2003 The first 5 axis work centre in Italy.
2002 Move to our new production unit (5000 mq2)