Month: October 2019

New 5 axis, DMG MORI DMP70 – by Davide Pizzamiglio

A new entry in our machine department. We wanted to improve our productive performance of plates, for this reason we have invested in a new 5 axis milling center. To increase the production and reduce the costs, we have decided to upgrade it with a customized automation solution for flexible manufacturing systems. To complete our […]

Carbon-fibre-reinforced polyether ether ketone (CFR Peek) – by Davide Pizzamiglio

Surgical implant material has changed over time, from metal to stainless steel to titanium. In recent decades a new material, carbon-fibre-reinforced polyether ether ketone (CFR Peek), has been introduced. Many Locking plates based on this polymer has developed lately as an alternative to conventional metallic devices. The advantage of this kind of plates include the […]

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