Year: 2021

How is a medical device born? The anodizing finishing phase

Anodizing is one of the steps that many titanium medical parts have to go through The types of anodization This can be of two types. The difference lies in the contribution of material or only in the superficial coloring of the part itself. What is the first type of anodization? The first type, called colored […]


We always talk about 𝗴𝗿𝗲𝗲𝗻 π—²π—°π—Όπ—»π—Όπ—Ίπ˜†, to refer to a new economic model that provides for a low environmental impact at all stages of development. In order to implement it, it is necessary to analyze the damage caused by one’s industrial activity and then apply green remedies that reduce the impact on the environment. In […]

Medical trade fairs: how to restart after Covid

After 18 months of stop due to pandemic, the first medical trade fair will open in Italy this week.Β  Medical trade fairs: the restart after pandemic   The Dental Expo in Rimini, one of the most popular medical trade fairs, will be the first timid attempt to return to normality, which everyone is waiting for.Β  […]

Monophasic dental implant. Simplify, to improve.

Our history in the medical and dental world was born from a dental implant, it was 1998. Since then we have worked for many companies, based both in Italy and abroad.Β  We have therefore developed an enviable know-how in this area. For this reason, customers contact us to have our opinion starting from the design […]


Hallux valgus is considered the most common deformity in humans. It affects one fifth of the adult population more or less severely,. The ratio of men to women is 1 to 4. HALLUX VALGUS OPERATION: THE SOLUTION TO VERY SERIOUS PROBLEMS This type of deformity progressively worsens over time causing, in addition to aesthetic problems, […]


FLEXIBLE FLATFOOT IN CHILDREN: THE NEW PLLA RESORBABLE COPOLYMER The new screws in the absorbable material facilitate the healing stages for the child: the word to Leghe Leggere Lavorate, the only Italian company that owns the technology to produce such medical components Fexible flatfoot in children is a problem of great observation and that creates […]

Injection molding and compression molding

In this article we would like to speak about two molding technologies for plastic materials that are very useful for the production of implantable medical devices, but not only. In fact, in our molding division, we manufacture various components for surgical instruments. in addition to implantable medical devices. These two technologies are injection molding and […]

Dental implant finishings

Before speaking about the dental implant finishings, let’s try to understand how and when dental implants were born. History of dental implants Their origin is not recent, as one might think. In fact, man has been trying to replace any fallen teeth with tools that would make us smile for millennia. Some archaeological finds in […]

Medical devices: Two-material humeral nail

As already mentioned in previous articles, bone tissue is mechanically very resistant. Despite this, even the most resistant bones of our body can be damaged, if subjected to major shocks or traumatic events. When there is a fracture of the long bones, a conservative approach is generally the most used way which involves immobilization using […]

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