Month: March 2022

Electropolishing, sandblasting and etching in medical components

In this article we will discover some fundamental aspects and steps for the finishing of medical components, such as electropolishing, sandblasting and etching. Electropolishing of metals in medical components Electropolishing is one of the various surface finishes that medical components – both implantable and instrumental – can receive. Thanks to this process, used on both […]

TPLO plate removal (Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy)

The plates for the TPLO technique are used in the veterinary orthopedic field for the leveling osteotomy of the tibial plateau in dogs. But how is this TPLO plate made and why is it important? This type of TPLO plate is created for the treatment of the cruciate ligament of our four-legged friends which is […]

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