Month: October 2022

Inspection with dye penetration liquid (DPI – Dye penetration inspection): what is it and why is it important to use it?

Inspection with penetrating liquids is a non-destructive control process used on metal and ceramics. The main advantage of this control test is that it is not necessary to cut, drill or engrave the surface of the piece in any way. Inspection with penetrating liquids is able to reveal surface cracks or other not visible to […]

Green device for orthopedic surgical use

PLLA (Polylactic acid) is an extremely innovative and green material and it can be used also in orthopedic surgery. certified-green-products: which are the main features of PLLA? Polylactate (PLLA) is a synthetic and biodegradable aliphatic polyester (eco-sustainable medical product) and it is suitable for different applications both in medicine and in industry in order to […]

Patent Box

We are pleased to announce the recognition of our unique business model with its patent box. The patent box is the recognition of a “unique” business management model, which our company has been pursuing for several years, in addition to representing an economic advantage. I would like to thank the revenue office for their competence, […]

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