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Carbon-fibre-reinforced polyether ether ketone (CFR Peek) – by Davide Pizzamiglio

Surgical implant material has changed over time, from metal to stainless steel to titanium. In recent decades a new material, carbon-fibre-reinforced polyether ether ketone (CFR Peek), has been introduced. Many Locking plates based on this polymer has developed lately as an alternative to conventional metallic devices. The advantage of this kind of plates include the […]

New Machine: Citizen 32 – by Davide Pizzamiglio

Always improve, not for a sense of self-celebration, but to give more value to the service given to our customers. For a few weeks now, a new turning center has been added to our already large machine park.  For Leghe Leggere Lavorate  is an absolute novelty.  Why? For the mere fact that for decades the […]

Monoaxial screw. – by Davide Pizzamiglio

Monoaxial screw development together to one of our important client. Critical issue? a lot! But two are more important of the other: The first the Torx driver shape. You can see how deep it is. The tool was very long and with small diameter…..these things together aren’t good. The second problem was the double thread. […]

Medtec Live 2019

Visit us at Medtec Live. Do you need more info about our new injection molding technology? We’ll be happy to meet you and explain all about it. (Hall 9 – Stand 9-643)  

IPCM Interview – by Davide Pizzamiglio

Exellent cleaning performance calls for result repeatability, among other basic requirements. This is true in any sector, but especially in the medical field, where the removal of residues from very small-sized and complex-shaped components must comply with strict parameters imposed to protect the health of patients. Read more, click

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