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FLEXIBLE FLATFOOT IN CHILDREN: THE NEW PLLA RESORBABLE COPOLYMER The new screws in the absorbable material facilitate the healing stages for the child: the word to Leghe Leggere Lavorate, the only Italian company that owns the technology to produce such medical components Fexible flatfoot in children is a problem of great observation and that creates […]

Injection molding and compression molding

In this article we would like to speak about two molding technologies for plastic materials that are very useful for the production of implantable medical devices, but not only. In fact, in our molding division, we manufacture various components for surgical instruments. in addition to implantable medical devices. These two technologies are injection molding and […]

Dental implant finishings

Before speaking about the dental implant finishings, let’s try to understand how and when dental implants were born. History of dental implants Their origin is not recent, as one might think. In fact, man has been trying to replace any fallen teeth with tools that would make us smile for millennia. Some archaeological finds in […]

Medical devices: Two-material humeral nail

As already mentioned in previous articles, bone tissue is mechanically very resistant. Despite this, even the most resistant bones of our body can be damaged, if subjected to major shocks or traumatic events. When there is a fracture of the long bones, a conservative approach is generally the most used way which involves immobilization using […]

Disposable kits for surgery

For some years, disposable kits have been rapidly adopted by the market to reduce costs, eliminate the sterilization phase, improve patient safety, while reducing the risk of surgical site infection. Research in this area has increased significantly especially in recent months, due to Covid-19. The demand for disposable kits for orthopedic surgery has increased exponentially, […]

Cannulated screws and MAAG ® screws

Cannulated self-tapping screws for bone compression have now been used for several decades. Their main feature is given by the hole across the entire length of the screw itself. Cannulates screws: main features Two ways can be used for their realization. The first is to use a material that has already been drilled (a titanium […]

Innovative orthopedic plates: production, lab tests and advantages

Before speaking about orthopedic plates (orthopedic plates and screws), it is necessary to make an introductory hat on the bone tissue and its composition. Bone tissue: composition and features for orthopedic plates Bone tissue is a specialized form of connective tissue. Its composition is made up of living cells and a mineralized intercellular substance, called […]

Spine products: everything you need to know

How mechanics and medicine help us live better Orthopedic surgery for the spine with the use of spine products As it often happens when speaking about orthopedic surgery, mechanics comes to the aid of medicine. In fact, the human skeleton plays a fundamental role in every movement, in addition to support the weight of the […]


Our medical device company, first in Italy in the production of medical devices for orthopedic surgery and dental implantology, announces the expansion of production spaces and the increase in human resources.     Medical device company: Leghe Leggere grows despite of pandemic In this moment of health and even economic difficulties, the business world is […]

A silent collaborator – By Davide Pizzamiglio

There’s certainly nothing new, it “has been working” with us since a year. It really matches with the company and it gets along with all colleagues very well, even if it doesn’t speak so much. With a view to the 4.0 industry, we couldn’t do anything but bet on robots that could help our departments […]