Your Contract Manufacturer

Leghe Leggere Lavorate

‘Forward-thinking vision’


Our Mission: “Giving best services to our clients”.

Our Focus: “Becoming  one of best contract manufacturer of mechanical components very complicate”.

How do we do it?

With cutting-edge technologies, but above all thanks to the competence of our collaborators; a characteristic that can only be acquired over time and here at LLL we know very well.

Why do our customers come to us?

Over the years, we have taken our role of ”subcontractor” to a higher level.

We support our customers from the first R&D phase, providing our experience so as to enable them to create innovative products.

How do we implement our customers’ ideas?

Once the project has been defined, we realize the first prototypes and the subsequent production.

Would you trust those who do not demonstrate adequate competence and technology?

Leghe Leggere Lavorate can offer you the service you need. We has been our business since 1998.

Try us!