Sliding headstock lathes

Our fleet includes 37 sliding head lathes with bar passage from 1 to 32 mm.
We are able to work parts with lengths up to 440 mm and to drill deep holes on various materials over the same length.

5 axis milling center

All the components that require very high precision machining, which are not feasible for turning, are made on the five 5 axis milling centers, equipped with high frequency spindles.

It is also possible to carry out subsequent work such as: drilling, threading and other ancillary operations on molded products.

We have chosen to enslave these machines with robots. This has allowed us to increase the production rate without sacrificing the quality of the products, reducing costs.

So as to guarantee full customer satisfaction.

Plastic injection molding

Thanks to a series of hydraulic presses, with a maximum capacity of 45 tons, we are able to produce various types of products in different materials. Molding takes place in the ISO 7 area.

The advanced molding technology allows the realization of complex parts to be produced in large volumes and with limited costs.

All the raw materials used such as: polyethylene, CFR Peek, Radel, PLDL, PLLA

comply with the medical industry regulations.

All products are identified with laser marking, in order to maintain product traceability.