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Green device for orthopedic surgical use

PLLA (Polylactic acid) is an extremely innovative and green material and it can be used also in orthopedic surgery. certified-green-products: which are the main features of PLLA? Polylactate (PLLA) is a synthetic and biodegradable aliphatic polyester (eco-sustainable medical product) and it is suitable for different applications both in medicine and in industry in order to […]

Disposable kit: is it really convenient in orthopedic surgery?

Disposable kits have been introduced in orthopedic surgery with various objectives, including the reduction of costs. Disposable kits: is it really true that they are so convenient? And, above all, don’t you give up on the quality of the products with the disposable kits for orthopedic surgery? Let’s start with the second question concerning the […]

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